Protect your website with daily automated backups

با پشتیبان گیری وب سایت کدگارد در برابر ویروس ها ، هکرها و حتی کد شخصی خود که به طور تصادفی سایت شما را خراب می کند ، محافظت کنید

Every 0.65 seconds, a new web page is infected with malware.

Protect your site from data loss and corruption, as well as against threats from viruses, hackers and malware with Daily Automated Website Backups from CodeGuard.

With CodeGuard Website Backup, your website is backed up daily and if disaster strikes, you can restore your site to a previous point in time at the click of a button.

پشتیبان گیری روزانه خودکار
وب سایت ماشین زمان
WordPress Plugin Updates
نظارت بر تغییر هشدار فایل
تشخیص و بازیابی بدافزار

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پشتیبان گیری روزانه خودکار وب سایت

وب سایت خود را با پشتیبان گیری روزانه خودکار ذخیره شده در خارج از سایت با افزونگی داخلی ایمن کنید

فایلها و پایگاههای داده نامحدود

از تعداد نامحدودی از فایل ها و پایگاه های داده پشتیبان تهیه کنید - فقط توسط فضای ذخیره سازی مورد استفاده محدود می شوید

بازیابی با یک کلیک

یک فرآیند بازیابی ساده باعث می شود که یک فایل یا کل وب سایت خود را به نسخه قبلی برگردانید

نظارت بر بدافزارها

Rest easy knowing CodeGuard is diligently checking your site for changes every day.

Automatic WordPress Updates

Automatically update WordPress and its plugins to keep it secure with auto recovery in case of problems.

File Change Monitoring

Get notified by email anytime something changes within the source code of your site.

Staging of Restores

Quickly test any backed up site with simple and automated staging prior to restore.

Email Backup

Get protection for your emails too as they are backed up as part of your websites files.

Full Automation

Completely hands free setup and ongoing backups with automated notifications if things go wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CodeGuard?

CodeGuard is a fully automated website backup service that gives you complete protection against data loss and malware.

Why do I need CodeGuard?

CodeGuard provides an independent offsite backup solution for your website along with daily monitoring to ensure your website is online and malware free.

How does it work?

CodeGuard takes daily automated snapshots of your website. Using these snapshots, you can restore your entire site or a specific file to an earlier version at any time.

What if I run out of storage?

Switching plans is easy! You can upgrade and increase your disk storage allowance in just a few simple clicks via our client area.

Where are backups stored?

Backups are stored on Amazon Web Services Simple Storage System which provides market leading resiliance and redundancy for your backups.

Are the backups encrypted?

Yes, backups are stored encrypted using the AES-256 Encryption Standard.

Do you backup databases?

Yes, databases can be backed up also. Database backups are supported for MySQL and MSSQL databases.

What is File Change Alert Monitoring?

CodeGuard can monitor and notify you by email when your website changes to alert you to new threats and malware.

What happens if my site gets infected?

With CodeGuard's daily snapshots, if your website gets attacked, you can restore to a previous uninfected version at any time.